Who are we at BCCWY?

Because we live in an imperfect world filled with sin and heartache, we all have broken hearts to some degree.  In Luke 4:18, we see several things Jesus came to earth as a human being to accomplish--two of them were to heal the brokenhearted, and set captives free.  In John 8:31-36 we see that Jesus said the truth would set free.  "If the son sets us free, we will be free indeed." Beginning in childhood and continuing throughout life, most of us experience deep pain.  Not knowing how to cope with this pain, we build walls around our hearts that protect us against further hurts.  The bricks of these wall are composed of feelings such as:  rejection, abandonment, a sense of being unloved, unwanted, unable to measure up, uncared for, unimportant, controlled, mistreated, hated, of no value, in the way, vulnerable, not understood, taken advantage of, trampled on, the object of jokes, humiliated, incapable, not fitting in--the list goes on and on. Since we do not know how to get past the pain, we react to people and situations in our lives according to what we feel.  We do not want to expose our hearts for fear of being hurt again more deeply.  In fact, most of us do not realize that the pain is hidden inside us, motivating our actions and reactions.  We just go blindly through the days trying to have our emotional needs met in various ways. Most often the ones who love us most do not know how to help us.  We are told things "to do" and ways to behave, as if everything is okay inside.  Not many people understand how to be healed by the one and only Healer of broken hearts. BCC was formed to help hurting people come straight to Jesus, allowing Him to heal their hearts.  As they are healed by Jesus, each person begins to love their spouse with the love and acceptance that comes from God alone.  This process of healing continues as the couple returns home with the desire, motivation, and knowledge of how to take each Jesus for healing. Lives are changed forever when people experience Christ healing their hurts, and His constant love and grace toward them.  This is the heart of BCC--based completely on the Word of God.  Marriages are restored and people are set free as they come to the office with openness, honesty, and a willingness to be led to Jesus, the Wonderful Counselor.
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Biblical Concepts in Counseling of Wyoming is about: Falling back in love with your spouse Bringing you to the Healer Unlocking your heart Breakthrough EnjoyingYour Marriage Again
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