BCCWY Purpose Statement

Biblical Concepts in Counseling of Wyoming (BCCWY) is a ministry reaching out to hurting individuals and couples who have been damaged and need spiritual assistance in resolving their personal, emotional or spiritual problems. We are available to assist in diagnosing the spiritual problem and leading them to find the Biblical answers to the problems they struggle with in their personal lives. The purpose of BCCWY is: To provide Biblically based counseling to individuals seeking help, To provide resources for individuals or couples who want to resolve their problems on their own, To train lay and pastoral and lay counselors, and To provide the tools for others to open offices to assist in helping people with spiritual and emotional needs. Counselors at BCCWY will: Assist the counselee in identifying the particular emotional or spiritual problem(s) Lead the counselee in identifying the cause of the problem(s) Lead the counselee to a Biblical solution to each particular problem identified Counselees are led spiritually to resolve each problem(s) he/she is struggling with in their personal life. BCC is financed through the contributions of people and churches that believe in its ministry. There are no fees for counseling services. Each counselor develops his own financial support base much like a missionary.
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Biblical Concepts in Counseling of Wyoming is about: Falling back in love with your spouse Bringing you to the Healer Unlocking your heart Breakthrough EnjoyingYour Marriage Again
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